Hometown are a 6 piece Irish boyband but together by Louis Walsh. The band is made up of Dean Gibbons, Dayl Cronin, Ryan McLoughlin, Cian Morrin, Brendan Murray and Josh Gray. Toured with The Vamps, Olly Murs and other artists. Two number one singles in Ireland. Really talented lovely lads. Dean is from Dublin, Cian is from Mayo, Brendan is fro Galway, Ryan is from Kildare, Dayl is from Tipperary and Josh is from Wicklow. The lads went through a set of auditions a few thousand others lads from around Ireland to get into the band back in 2014. They were selected to be in the band and since then have formed strong friendships with each other that are clear to see every time they preform. They have a fanbase that is constantly growing in Ireland, the UK, parts of Europe and many other places. They do everything they can to give back to their fans for their constant support. The 6 of them are all lovely normal lads who claim they ‘got lucky’ by being but in the band and are now living their dreams. Check out their music like, follow, subscribe and support them.

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