Hey 😊

My name is Emer. I live in Ireland. I love bands, music, concerts, adventures, taking photos and more. This blog started as a college project once I finished the project I didn’t want to get rid of this blog so I slowly changed/updated it to suit me more and keep blogging 🙂

ItsEmer is going to mainly be posts about concerts, concert tips/advice, music and bands with some random posts thrown in. Don’t be surprised if I throw in some rants as well 😛 My posts will be a mixture of everything depends on what’s happening in my life.  Hopefully some of the tips I give will be useful for someone.

I always tell people “Everyone has their own little obsessions” not everyone’s will be the same but everyone has their own obsession be it books, a band, a sport etc everyone has that one thing they obsess over/love more than anything and that’s what makes you unique 😊


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