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Job Search: Update

Hey 🙂 its been a while since I posted been busy trying to sort things out and figure out what to do next with my life joys of adulting 😛 Wanted to do an update on my job search because I have written a few posts about how I was getting on. Since the last job search related post I wrote I have SMM.pnghanded in more CVs, had some phone calls and I’ve even done some interviews. My love of social media may be coming in handy for me as I could possibly have managed to get myself a social media related job 🙂 If it does come about like talked about them I will honestly be one of the happiest people ever because if I can say that monitoring and using social media is my job that’s like a dream. It’s not work to me its fun, I enjoy it and would happily spend hours working on or updating sites. My last interview felt so much better I came out of it thinking you know what I should get this job. Thankfully I did 🙂 so after lots of searching, applying, CVs, phone calls, bad news (rejections) and everything else I have finally managed to get something 🙂 ya in my head I wanted to have something by May so it did take a nice bit longer but I think its worth it everything happens for a reason so lets see what the reason it. Excited yet nervous to start because all my working life I’ve been in the same place with the same people, same routine I know it so well at this SMM2stage so to do something different new people, new surrounds its going to be interesting but I’m ready for the change ready for the challenge. Its only 3 days a week for the start I have a good bit to learn but I’m ready to work hard to prove that I was the right decision and that I will benefit the company in a positive way with what I have learned through out my college years. Things seem to be falling into place nicely for now anyways so just need to see where it takes me from here 🙂 Glad to finally have something sorted and its somewhere new change of pace for me hopefully I can prove myself and they like me :/ Any of you looking for jobs after college? I’d love to hear how you are getting on with it.


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