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Justin Bieber Purpose Tour Dublin

Yesterday Justin Bieber and his Purpose Tour came to Dublin to the RDS after years like a solid 9 years waiting to see him live I finally saw him yesterday ❤ When he was about to come on stage for the first time we spotted him behind the stage and I started shaking and was fighting back tears it hit me where I was and that I was finally going to see him preform live after waiting so long. My videos were all extra shaky because I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking I’m still not right I finally saw him preform live ❤ When people didn’t like him and said so much horrible things about him I was defending him, then when his most recent music dropped the same people who were so horrible to him decided the were now calling themselves beliebers to which I have a serious issue because that is a name you should not use unless you are truly one, these people don’t know his old songs, they didn’t stick with him through the lows, they didn’t stand up for him when people were tearing him down, so I don’t understand how they can now see themselves as beliebers it makes me so mad when I hear it. I wouldn’t even class myself as a belieber but I sure as hell have always and will always be a big fan of his.

Sorry kind of went a little off point there but it just annoys me so much 😦 the concert was amazing the set, the dancers, the fireworks, the setlist everything. The rain didn’t hold off though so at one point loads of people in standing took off running to get out of the rain 😛 we were seated so we didn’t even notice the rain until Justin said it from the stage. When he did baby me and my friend had a little melt down is the best way to put it lets just say we kind of really love that song 😛 I would have liked if he had sang a few more of his old songs I know he would have on other tours but I missed them all so would have been nice. Cant believe my friend managed to get the tickets I wouldn’t have been there without her so I owe her even more now already owe her a lot this just means even more 😛 Going to add the few videos I did take last night, for once I didn’t really record much I snapchatted most which is really unlike me I usual don’t snapchat any of my concerts I usual record most of it and upload for others to see. Might uploaded my story later on aswell because it’s a good mix of what the show was like 🙂 Here’s the videos I did take enjoy 🙂






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