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Most of us if not all of us will have watched or heard about the event #OneLoveManchester that was organised by Ariana Grande, an event that raised money to help the people who were affected by the horrible attack that injured and killed so many innocent people after her Manchester concert last month. The 4th of June 2017 will be (should be) remembered for the incredible scenes of joy, happiness, courage, inspiration, friendship and love that was displayed at the event. The crowd of over 55,000 people showed how strong and unity people are after such horrible events. There was an amazing mixture of artists performing throughout the event some of them are shown below in the poster along with some details about the event. IMG_5415[1]The main message of the event was Love will win 💕 Everyone who was their felt such a mixture of emotions; excitement to see some of their idols perform, sadness remembering all the people who were injured or killed 💔, happiness dancing singing along with everyone, enjoying friendship music and love. The power of music as a voice of strength and inspiration was shown perfectly. Music brings people together from all around the world, all different backgrounds, beliefs, opinions, music UNITES people in ways other things can’t. The songs that were chosen the lyrics meant even more to people now they had a very emotional impact. The power of music and the power of people united together for one cause was clearly shown. Kindness, support, unity, friendship, love these are the things that were displayed in this event that make the world better. There is so much horrible acts of unnecessary violence and hate the past few months not only in England but around the world it’s heartbreaking to think of the amount of innocent people who have been taken because of such acts 💔 The world needs more acts of kindness, generosity, support and love which is exactly what the event #OneLoveManchester was all about. Events like this should happen more often events that focus on helping others, giving back, supporting one another, spreading happiness and love and over all showing how much can be achieved when people unity as one to stand up for what is right and good ❤ Thank you to Ariana, her team, the other artists, the police force, paramedics and everyone else who was involved in making the event happen and showing how in the face of such horrible times love wins and unites everyone 💕 My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by any of the recent attacks I’m so sorry 💔


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