Job hunt continued

I’ve been posting a good bit about looking for jobs and all the waiting involved, this week the wait has kind of come to an end. Finally heard back about work I applied for a good month or two ago now granted it hasn’t been great news because I didn’t get them but still I’m glad I know now rather than waiting and wondering even longer if I will ever hear back about them. Now I just need to keep looking and keep checking online to find something because I can’t deal with all this boredom and doing nothing with my days I feel useless. Need to get something to do soon before I go mad. Hoping something comes up at this stage I don’t really care what it is I need money to pay bills and I need something to do with my day so I don’t feel like such a waste 😦 Knew finding work would be hard but to be honest I’m beyond feed up already things like this I simply have no patience for I thought because I have experience I wouldn’t find it as hard but it’s not proving to be a help yet anyways 😦 Just have to keep trying,  keep hoping and eventually something will come up for me there’s something out there for everyone just need to find it the sooner the better though. If only I could get paid for using social media, watching YouTube and eating junk food I’d be a billionaire them 😛 Need to figure out something soon for sure was hoping to be sorted by the end of May but that hasn’t happened so got to hope that June will be the month I find something. If I could find something that uses my degree that would be brilliant but at this stage I just want any type of job. Would love to make social media a career but I cant see it happening. Till next time sorry for all the work/job posts 😛 need to get back to different post topics.


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