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Compliment or insult?

Random post but just wanted to write 😛 So I play soccer (football to some) and have done for many years. At the start of this season I wasn’t being giving much game time but I am always at training which was annoying me as people were being given game time and hadn’t been attending trainings. The last few matches though for some strange reason I have been playing the full game or most of it which is coming as a surprise to me every time as I’m convinced one of my coaches doesn’t really like me. I’m a defender usually right back, always have been that’s been my position since I started playing soccer all them years ago can’t really do any other position I don’t think anyways. However this season the matches I have played in I have been played in left back, right back, sweeper, centre back, forwards,  right-wing and centre midfield yup that’s a feck load of positions. I keep saying I don’t know what I’m doing I have never played most of these positions before which is true. I feel I play terrible but I’m always super critical of myself. Team mates and the rare supporters we have, have told me that I have played well so maybe I amn’t doing as crap as I think. Been given no advice or tips for any of these new positions either just been shouted at and taken off because I’m clearly not doing the right things in the coaches eyes. I don’t know its frustrating but at the same time I’m now getting game times so I’m delighted no matter the position. Yesterday we had a match and when the team was being named I wasn’t named in defence so assumed I was a sub but I was wrong I started on the right wing instantly I looked at my coach and went what………….. he just said id be fine (bear in mind I’m not a runner and have never played as a winger before ya totally going to be fine :/) anyways following that he said “you have become a utility”. Am anyone want to explain to me what he meant by this its defiantly not a soccer term a “utility” was that a rare compliment to me or was it some weird insult. Is a utility a good thing I have no idea. Came home and asked my grandparents what they thought it meant gran had no clue, granddad reckons its a good thing that the coach meant I have become a versatile player because I have now shown I can play in any position. I don’t think that’s what my coach meant by it but lets be optimistic, positive, hope it was what he meant and that he finally thinks I am a good player. I don’t think I will ever figure out if it was meant in a good way or not I definatly wont ever forget that it was said to me. Anyways such a random post but just felt like posting it 🙂 Feel free to let me know if you think being called a “utility” was a compliment or an insult very curious to know what people think.


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