The waiting game

Lets face it everyone dislikes waiting because you get tired, feed up and bored. Waiting to get a phone call, waiting for a reply to a text, waiting for that important email or a package to be delivered pretty much everyone has had to deal with the waiting part and it’s just annoying. As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts I’m now finished college and attempting to find work. So I’ve been handing out CVs and hoping to hear back in regards any work that is available still waiting to hear back as like many other people. I don’t know why businesses wont just get in contact and tell you if your cv was no good or they don’t have any work at that current time at least you know then that it’s a no go. Unfortunately not many places seem to consider the fact that people need to know if they are waiting on a reply that isn’t coming and hoping they get the job when they haven’t even been being considered :/ at least if the business called or emailed them they would know to look elsewhere and carry on their job search. It’s not that difficult to pick up the phone and ring applicants to let them know or set up a standard email reply to say they didn’t get anything its just a polite thing to do I think anyways. Waiting around hoping to hear back is such a horrible feeling because the longer the wait is the more disheartened you get and the more you think you wont ever find anything and no place will give you a chance to prove yourself. At least if you heard back you would know and be able to close that option and continue onto other options. No one likes waiting specially when its a long wait because lets face it most of us are impatient and want to know within like a week max. Just annoyed with the waiting these days its frustrating and I know other people are feeling the same :/ Rant complete for now anyways 😛 is it just me who gets annoyed by this or do you?


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