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Middle Of The Night Tour Dublin

The Vamps brought their Middle Of The Night Tour to Dublin Monday in the 3arena. It’s my 3rd/4th time seeing them live and they always put on an unreal show they are so full of energy, craziness and just fun. This tour they had three support acts two bands and one solo singer. The acts that supported them were The Tide, New Hope Club and Sabrina Carpenter. I’ve seen The Tide and New Hope Club live before as they have supported The Vamps on other tours. We went up to Dublin the Sunday to make it more of an adventure. The day of the concert we had standing tickets but we decided not to queue up until the doors opened. This worked in our favour as we managed to get to the barrier 💪 the only problem was the camera man for the tour was kind of in our way ruining some of our pictures and videos 🙄. Standing wasn’t as busy as in other concerts but it was a nice size the Wow pit was more full. The Tide preformed first followed by New Hope Club then Sabrina then The Vamps. The show stared at 7:30 The Vamps themselves didn’t come on stage until 9. We got to hear some new songs from their soon to be released new album. Of course they sang their well-known songs aswell who doesn’t like Can We Dance 💃 really liked their set list but there were two or three other songs I would have like to be added. They sang their mash-up of Shape Of You which we were really excited to hear as we assumed it was going to be the same as the one they did with Conor Maynard but to our surprise it was a different version here’s the video if you want a listen 😊

We met some new people, met some old friends from other concerts, saw plenty of familiar faces and over all just had an amazing few days of an adventure 💃. We came away with some new songs stuck in our heads and some funny memories good times 💕 Even got to chat to some of the people who performed 6/11 that’s not too bad right 😝 was so  much fun and I can’t wait for the next one the sooner the better 😊 going to include the only other video I took and the pictures I consider the best of what I took (I’m very selective only 16/100+) 






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