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Unexpected notifications 

Unexpected notifications are the best 💕 just a heads up this post is focused on Twitter. When you get a notification that you never expected to get its such a nice feeling. When you tweet something and your like no way the person will notice this a while passes and you get a notification saying they have noticed it either liked it, retweeted it, quoted you or replied you have a melt down in a good way 😂 maybe it’s just me who freaks out every time and thinks it’s a huge deal that the person knows about you sort of 😂 DMed someone expecting no reply a notification came through I thought it was the person tweeting went into twitter to realise it was a reply to my dm most defiantly lost it completely in shock that they bothered to reply I know they must get load of dms all the time. It makes your day 🙂 such a simple thing can honestly change your mood I know that’s the case for me anyways. If I’m having a crappy day and get some kind of interaction from someone I support it makes my day 😊 Something so simple that doesn’t take long honestly has a big effect 👌 so grateful for the interactions I have gotten I feel so lucky that in a way some of the people I support know I’m there kinda 🙃 I assume I’m not the only person who is like this or maybe I am 😂 once a fan girl always a fan girl I guess 💁 anyways just wanted to share let me know if you do the same or you think I’m crazy 🙈


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