Start a YouTube Channel?

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s thought long and hard about starting a YouTube channel definitely been a good 3/4+ years now of constantly considering it just haven’t done it. It’s always at the back of my mind I do plan out videos in my head what would be said, thumbnails, video names, ideas and more its just always there. It’s not the content that is the problem I already have video ideas the confidenceproblem is me holding myself back because of fear, lack of confidence and failure ūüė¶¬†I¬†hate¬†being in pictures so¬†being in front of a camera talking I don’t see¬†how I could manage that ūüėõ¬†I already have my channel it’s just concert videos (so¬†I do already have people who watch my videos) but I would like to start adding original content¬†just need to get the confidence to do it. I¬†think I would like filming videos, editing, coming up with video ideas and all that I know it’s really time-consuming and I know¬†people can be¬†horrible and tear you apart but who cares that’s their thoughts not everyone’s thoughts. Then¬†people may not like¬†you the way you make your videos¬†your content¬†but¬†then again if your happy with what you upload then that’s all that mattfear-of-failure.jpgers right?¬†I know¬†there¬†is plenty more people the same as¬†me who have been wanting to¬†make a channel but haven’t¬†due to¬†fear. People¬†you know finding your channel is another thing that scares me because they will judge you a¬†lot worse than random people who don’t know you personally. So many kids like 8-12 year olds are uploading videos, doing vlogs and have a YouTube channel and I’m there thinking how have they that much confidence and self belief to do it? They have no problem uploading videos of themselves and call themselves youtubers ūüėõ¬†yet there’s me much older who can’t even be in a picture its mad. Like everything else there are lots of positives and negatives to youtubeYouTube but to me I think the positives over shadow the negatives in my mind anyways. Still hoping one day I break the barrier I have up for myself and start doing the videos I’ve wanted to do for a few years now and see if anyone has an interest in what I have to say could surprise myself and actually help people. I think I would like it¬†because anyone who knows me knows I’ll happily spend hours cropping, editing, formatting, filming stuff because I enjoy it so I don’t think I’d mind all the work that goes into it. I can’t be the only person who think’s like this ūüėõ Have you thought about starting a YouTube channel? If you have but haven’t actually done it why haven’t you? Let me know I’m curious to know and maybe one day I’ll manage to get over my fear and do this.


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