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Been listening The Vamps in overload lately I’ve always liked them and their music just lately I’ve been listening to them way more than usual. Stolen Moments has been on repeat for the guts of two or three weeks now. Also Volcano is really growing on me I know some of the songs I’m mentioning are old but old is good 🙂 Have had their albums playing any song old or new just can’t stop listening to them and now I’ve started re watching interviews and videos of them on YouTube 🙂 As I’m writing this it is their music that is playing and I was watching videos of them right before I started to write just in a proper Vamps mood the past few weeks 🙂 I’ve always thought they are an underrated band I don’t get why they are they are a really talented band, they put on incredible shows, they play their own instruments, their songs are brilliant and they are sweethearts what’s not to like hey? Seeing them live again next month in Dublin it’s either my 3rd or 4th time seeing them live and I know it will be a brilliant show really looking forward to it 🙂 Any of ye going to the Dublin show? Heres some pictures from their last tour in Dublin and Belfast.

P1060314   P1060317P1060331   P1060404P1060406   P1060407P1060411      P1060439P1060458  P1060482P1060469

Other than The Vamps I have been listening to Bartender by James Blunt heard it on Mrs Browns chat show and liked it so been listening to it since 😛 I haven’t heard songs from him in a good while then when I realised some of his old songs I remembered I used to listen to him a lot. The other song I’ve been listening to a lot is Solo Dance by Martin Jensen the video is what made me like this song even more anyone who knows me knows I love dancing. I wanted to learn the choreography from the video 😛


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