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Olly Murs Dublin

Finally got to see Olly Murs live 🙂 in Dublin Monday. Have wanted to see him live since Xfactor but never managed to get tickets so was delighted to get themIMG_0173 this time 🙂 He puts on such a good show, he’s always been a brilliant performer was a really good night. Managed to get to the barrier in standing I was in total shock at how nice the crowd was compared to all the other concerts I’ve been to was just pure calm if only all other concerts could be like that would be unreal. He kept saying how much he loves Ireland and the Irish crowds ❤ He loves coming back to perform here he’s back in Dublin July 8th in the Iveagh Gardens if you’re considering going it’s so worth it 🙂 I never really know how to describe how a concert was so instead I just show the videos I take so people can see for themselves what it was like so here’s a load of pictures and some videos from the night so you can see what it was like enjoy 🙂


IMG_4736     IMG_4731


IMG_4752    IMG_4728


IMG_4730  IMG_4697


IMG_4696   IMG_4724


IMG_0177  IMG_0140IMG_0175      IMG_0151



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