Weekend in London

As part of one of my college modules some of our class went to London for the weekend. Lots of planning, organising, research and time went into the preparation of the trip. For me it was really stressful, I IMG_0030worried about all the things that could have happened could have gone wrong IMG_0035just everything. We didn’t do much in the three days but it felt like we did loads. First time on the London Eye was really pretty views but for me it was too long that after a while you just got bored 😦 Went on a bus tour on the Saturday didn’t go too well as there was an accident and everyone on the bus had to get off and wait for another bus which didn’t actually arrive 😦 So we then had to walk to the restaurant we were to meet the rest of the class at for diner bare in mind we didn’t know where we were or how to get to IMG_0037the restaurant. Luckily we managed to get our phone data working and got Google maps to get us to the restaurant. When we got there we were tired, sore and hungry. The meal was really nice defiantly my favourite diner of the trip. We saw Big Ben a couple of times as you do when you’re in London 😛 went to Trafalgar Square went into the National Art Museum

View from the Shard

we didn’t last long in their as none of us were really into art so we took a few pictures and left. Was meant to go to Madame Tussauds with some of the class but I decided to skip that and meet up with my cousin because I’ve been to Madame Tussauds before. Sunday evening we ended up in the Shard lets way too posh for us we were so out-of-place we shouldn’t have even got in 😛 The view was incredible pictures don’t do it justice you just need to see it to appreciate it was stunning. We all slept the who way home train, plane and bus we were all sleeping through it because we had got so little sleep during the weekend. It was a good trip we all had a good time got to know some people a little better and it was a good experience. Now feel I know my way around London a little bit 😛 It’s a really nice city and I will happily return to visit plenty more times with people I know. Below are some pictures from the trip 🙂 Have you been to London what was your favourite part? Would you go back again?                                IMG_0084 IMG_0091                IMG_0113 


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