Seated vs Standing at concerts

Some people hate standing others don’t see the point in being seated for a concert here are some of the things I think about both. To me there is positives and negatives to both.


Guaranteed your spot so you don’t necessarily have to queue really early as your seat is going to be there for you. Some concerts you must stay seated for the whole show which is a pain 😦 the reason is so that everyone will be able to see as if you stand up in seating the person behind you won’t be able to see which isn’t fair. You can go in when doors open and don’t have to worry about queuing really early to get a good spot so basically saves you queuing for hours. Good seats are sometimes pricey as they are deemed as the best view. You can get unlucky and get a seat that is at the real back of the arena or a seat that’s at a really bad angle to the stage. In the 3arena best seats are Blocks C,D,E in my mind as they are most central and they aren’t extremely far back from the stage.


Have to queue really early and for a very long time in order to try to get as close to the stage as possibly. Need to be prepared to stay in a queue for hours in all kinds of weather so be prepared. Some security people are strict about leaving the standing queue so you need to be careful to keep your posting in the queue. At some concerts I’ve been for the standing queue security have got to a certain time and said no one can leave the queue from now on or you lose your spot so again its just something you need to take into account. When you get into the venue for standing be prepared to be squashed throughout the concert if you don’t like crowds it’s not wise for you to be in standing as there is constant pushing. Once you’re in standing you can’t leave so if you need a drink or food or to go to the bathroom you either have to forget about it or leave and stand at the back when you come back in because you won’t be able to get back to your original spot again. Some concerts have standing sectioned out so make sure you are queuing for the right zone to begin with. Standing tends to be more expensive as your closer to the stage but you’re not guaranteed that you will be able to see great for the concert. You can get lucky and get a really good spot but if you don’t and you cant see right and have to keep looking at the screens then you will be annoyed that you paid as much as you did for the ticket.


I’ve been in both standing is more fun but sore you get pushed against barriers and other people, I’ve also seen people spilling drinks on other people to get them to move and also seen some people pulling hair to get the person in front of them to move please DON’T be that person everyone is there for the same thing everyone paid the same amount and some people queued a lot longer than others so please don’t be horrible in standing. Seating is handy as you don’t have to queue as early or as long so you can do more with your day plus you can get up and leave at any time and not have to worry about losing your spot.





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