Projects, projects and more projects :(

College for me consists of endless amounts of group projects that seem never-ending. 6 modules 5 group projects that’s become the norm for my course šŸ˜¦ You then have to deal with finding group members easy right NOPE asking anyone you know, kind of know have they a group only to be told they already have so you have to continue your search.Image result for college group projects When you finally find group members other groups have already the first section basically complete so your well behind šŸ˜¦ Then you have to decide on a project topic again seems easy but isn’t because you might think the topic suits the others in your group may disagree you could end up doing a project on a topic you haven’t a clue about which isn’t easy. Once you decide the topic you then have to decide who does what parts, when to meet and how often along with so many other things. There will more than likely be someone in your group who isn’t pulling their weight doing their fair share or even showing up so you end up having to do extra. Group work rarely ever goes without its issues. Once you have all that finally organised and you feel like your finally organised and getting there you more than likely willĀ have to prepare a presentation as wellĀ sure what’s a presentation on top of a project right not extra stress, time constraint, pressure šŸ˜¦ Since you have 5 different group projects on the go you then

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Been in groups were this totally relates

start mixing them up and getting confused as to who your with for which project and what topics your on at times its just a mess. You think you’re getting the work done and done well only to find out near the deadline that you have it basically all wrong and have to redo it all and your thinking are you joking why didn’t you tell me weeks ago so I would have time to fix it all. Then deadline wiseĀ some projects are due the same date same weekĀ which again causes more craziness amongstĀ you and your group to make sure everything is done on time.Ā Again more stress its an endless circle of stress. You can’t wait until all the projects are done because you can then do things other than college work. Projects just stress me way more than they should lately I guess it’s because its degree year and ever mark counts now more than ever. Feel like I never have everything doneĀ  feel like IĀ ain’t organised anymore which annoys me because I need to be organised. Is your course the same full of group projects? Do you like them or hate them?



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