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Shape Of You Sing Off

So pretty much everyone has heard of the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran at this stage if you haven’t am how is that possible? Conor Maynard posted a video to his YouTube two days ago with The Vamps where they sang songs over Shape Of You. Its been watched nearly 3,000,000 times already because it’s really good and the songs they choose are old school ones mixed with current ones and some of their own as well to add to it 🙂 It wouldn’t surprise me if other people started doing a video like this to see how many songs they can incorporate into one song. The amount of people making react videos to this on YouTube is madness I don’t know if the lads thought it would have this much of an effect. It was a really good idea specially since the song is one of the top songs at the minute people are searching for it people are looking for covers of it and loving the song. Also their voices together blend really well ❤ and its also so clear how much fun they had while recording it and also how close they all are it nice to see 🙂 You cant help but dance when you listen to this version of it and some of the songs first time you hear it you go oh yes remember that one that was such a good song 🙂 As soon as I heard it I put it on my phone and have had it on replay non stop since. Been making other people listen to it as well. Think everyone can agree it’s definitely an amazing version of the song ❤ great jobs lads 🙂 Wonder has Ed listened to it I feel he may have heard about it by now but wonder has he listened? If he has he will be impressed for sure 🙂 If you haven’t heard it I advise you listen now here’s the link 🙂 enjoy 🙂


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