Hometown Announcement

If you are a fan of Hometown you would be waiting to hear about this for a while now. People had already guessed what was going to be announced but hoped that it wasn’t true unfortunately  yesterday Peoples guesses were confirmed when Hometown posted to their Facebook the following message:HT Announcement facebook.PNG

Each of the lads then took to their own personal Instagram accounts to share their thoughts. It’s the end of one chapter but the start of the next, one door closes another opens, some of the things that were said. They all mentioned how amazing the last 3 years for them has been and all they achieved they are all so grateful for everything that’s happened and the endless support given. They are going their separate ways a break, the only thing with a break is when does it end or will it ever end? Hopefully they do come back after a while but it all depends on how they go individually. Everyone who supported them as a band will support them all individually as well.

Some good friends and memories have been made from these lads going to see them in concerts at meet ups etc. Fans are thankful for everything the lads have done for them they made people laugh, smile, dance and sometimes cry happy tears of course they did a lot for their fans and they were constantly giving back. Memories made and friendships formed from them will never be forgetting all the good times, the fun, the laughter and everything else in between ❤ Everyone is proud of what they have achieved and how much they have grown both as a band and as individuals. Yes it’s sad news but as long as the lads are happy that’s all that matters. It will be interesting to see what they all do from here will they all stick with singing or will they branch out dancing acting who knows time will tell and what ever it is they do they will have a massive support network behind them through it all.

Thanks Hometown for all the amazing memories and friendships from the last 3 years. We are proud of ye and will support ye on these new adventures ❤


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