Current Favourites: Songs

I go through phases of listening to the same song 24/7 listening to it hundreds of time and never getting sick of it. Last one was This Town by Niall Horan wasn’t listening to any other song only that one for a good month possibly two months ❤ Now I’ve three songs that I am listening to constantly don’t know how I didn’t hear some of them sooner but better late then never I guess 😛 so the first one is

Mercy by Shawn Mendes. When him and Niall (Horan) sang it backstage at the AMAs it got stuck in my head. It was the first time I had heard it don’t ask me how just was :/ From then to now I’ve had it stuck in my head and been listening to it where ever I go. I love his voice always have you just know his voice its unique in my mind you just know its Shawn 🙂 here’s the video if you haven’t seen it


Song two is Grow Up by Olly Murs. I think I first heard it on the radio I always like his songs again his voice is one that you cant mistake. Been a fan of his from the start and finally getting to see him in convert in 2017 in Dublin 🙂 cant quite explain how excited I am for it wanted to see him live for ages. The video is linked below I think its really funny the kids being the production team had to be a fun one to record 🙂


Third song is Make Me (Cry) Noah Cyrus  ft. Labrinth. Had never heard a song by Noah before knew Labrinth and am a big fan of his music glad he’s back missed his music. Really like this song I like their two voices together think they mix well 🙂 The video is linked below in case you haven’t seen it or heard the song give it a listen and see what you think 🙂


so ya they are the  3 songs that I am currently obsessing over and listening to non stop 🙂 I assume most people knew 1/3 for sure possibly 2/3 as they are being played a lot lately on radios and that. Do you like these songs? I’d say I’m not the only one listening to some of these what is your current favourite song/songs?


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