Throw Back Jonas Brothers

Going back a while here but who liked the Jonas Brothers? I’m going back to them because lately i have been listening back to their music loads they have become my go to music when Image result for jonas brothersI’m getting work done. I’m one of them people who needs to have music on when doing assignments, study, homework anything just need to have music playing or else I wont get anything done. They were my first band shall I say boyband to like I blame them for me loving most boybands anymore 😛 I still listen back to their music often full albums because I realty like all their songs. I still remember I used to get so mad at my sister Image result for jonas brothersbecause I had all of their albums and she used to “borrow” them 1 without asking 2 rarely returned 3 broken scratched or lost just drove me mad. I remember being upset when I couldn’t find their albums actually don’t know where they are a the minute 😦 I always wanted to see them live but never got to. Their show Jonas I used to love that as well defiantly watched ever episode there was many times 😛 Their music has become my go to music to listen to when I’m at home doing college work helps me do more work. Who remembers Jonas and Jonas LA? I legit watched every episode of both of them and defiantly watched some episodes muImage result for Jonas Brothers CDltiply times 😛 When I saw Joe back on TV with DNCE it just brought back so many Jonas Brother memories and I was like can they just start back up again 🙂 Nick being solo as well brought back the memories like how quickly can you sing “Introducing me” and how many times I got emotional listening to Black Keys, A little bit longer, before the storm and probably more. If they were to start back up again and do a tour we all know I’ll be doing everything I can to be at it because I never got to. I always liked every song of theirs sometimes the videos were a bit random but the songs were always really good. I know its 2016 and there is so much more music out and other bands but sometimes you just have to go back to the good old songs 🙂 Were you a Jonas  Brothers fan? Anyone else still go back listening to their music or is it just me?


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