Hometown split?

I don’t know what’s going on if it’s true or not I’m waiting to hear from them if it is true or not. As I always say don’t believe anything until the person/people involved say it. This is how I am taking it and what I think is happening others will see it different disagree and possibly be annoyed at me if so just remember this is my view of it everyone has their own view of it each will be slightly different.

Hometown Split trended on twitter for a while on the 16th when I saw it I was really confused and was wonder where this had come from. Ryan had tweeted that day saying ryans-tweets

there was also a tweet that said solo which has since been deleted. I assume it was from this that people got the idea that they may be splitting up. They have the move to Japan in January and the new contract so I don’t see them splitting up its such a big opportunity. Plus there’s stuff on Hometown Competition.PNGFacebook like this competition to see them perform and meet them next month so if they were to split this would have been cancelled. Ya they have been quite lately and haven’t done much gigs or interviews or that but they have probably been working away on writing, recording and getting ready for the move to Japan. I don’t want to assume they are splitting when we really don’t know what’s going on but then again I could easily have missed something that clearly shows they are done. I’m just stating from my point of view I can’t see them going their separate ways not yet anyways as they have stuff planned contracts to stick to, gigs to preform at etc. I think it would have been more publicised if they had split. I know I this post probably wont go down well as I said its the way I see it and as I said before I could easily have missed something that shows they are to split been mad busy so that is super likely to have happened. The more tweets I see about it the more I think I must have missed something where the lads accidentally let slip they aren’t staying together or something because so many people seem 100% sure it’s happening. They need to speak about it soon to clarify it the longer they wait the more they will have to clear up.

What are your thoughts? Did you panic when you saw solo music tweets by Ryan? Is the move to Japan still going to happen? I hope the lads do speak out about this soon to either confirm or dismiss the split so people will know.


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