College this time of year

It’s that time of year where there is endless amounts of deadlines, exams. projects, CAs due and you feel like you do nothing else but college work 😦 Everyone’s exhausted and just wants to sleep loads and eat 😛 Youstress finish one part of a project and think yes we are doing so well and then you get a reality check that there is more work to be done and you think hate my life 😦 It just never seems to end always more to add, more to write, more to research, more to study, so many people are struggling at the minute due to college work. Personally I never stress but this semester oh boy I have been insanely stressed about every little thing I don’t know how people manage with regular college stress. Then for students that have a job on top of college it just adds another level of crazy trying to manage it all is hard because you need the job to pay for college stuff but when your working your like shoot I have to do all this stuff for college its though 😦 Then if your living away from 51626-need-more-sleephome you have another stress which is paying for rent and all other bills on top of doing all the stuff your mam would usually do for you like cooking, cleaning, bins etc. You may not like who you live with which then adds another level of stress you might not want to be in your house because of housemates, just have to be careful with who you live with if you get along it will make things easier less stressful and they will help you out as much as they can. So many different things on your mind and so much to do its like there is never enough time to get it all done some days 😦 Then if you do a sport or your part of a society you have stuff to do and attend for that be it trainings, meetings, matches etc. again more time you need to factor in. Ya doing sport or being in a society is meant to help you distress personally at the minute sport isn’t distress its stressing, worrying and frustrating me more. Trying to make time to meet up with friends is ten times more difficult as you know they are as busy as you because of college aswell so trying to pick a time or day that suits to meet is way harder. Then you feel awful because you feel like you don’t see them enough. Study week and Christmas exams are around the corner so us college students will begin to stress and worry loads more 😦 examsAll of this has been a big factor behind why I haven’t been posting and I feel like I’m never active on social media these days but its simple because I’m so busy with everything and then when I get home I just want to eat then try get as much sleep as I possibly can. I know there are so many people the same as me at the minute. Holidays can’t come quick enough so we can actually relax. I know this is a totally different type of post than I usually do but its simple the only thing I know about at the minute. Hopefully I can soon get back to being less stressed and doing more of what I want to do.


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