YouTubers to subscribe to

Going to share the Youtubers I started to watch recently well at this stage a good few months, who knows you may not have heard of some of them and could end up loving their videos. I’ll include links to their channels and some social medias so feel free to have a nose and see what you think 🙂 if you like them subscribe and let me know that you have 🙂 Note I don’t tend to watch many female youtubers don’t know why just don’t sorry :/ So here we go:

Joey.PNGJoey Kidney

He is a Canadian youtuber from Ottawa. He is currently 20 lives with his mam, dad, brother (Andrew) and dog Eddie ❤ All feature in his vlogs his family are very close. His videos are a mix  of advice, adventures, stories, tags. Q&As and loads more. Been watching his videos for a while now and he constantly makes me smile I really enjoy watching his videos. After watching some of his videos I begin to think about stuff in a different way I would happily watch his videos all day everyday 🙂 His merch can be got on this site District lines search his name and a Pink hoodie will come up. “Stay You Stay Beautiful” is how he ends most of his videos Stay You is what’s on his merch he wants people to always stay true to themselves and do what makes them happy 🙂 Going to have some of his links below make it easier to find him 🙂          Snapchat joeykidney

Instagram          Main Channel YouTube        Twitter         Vlog Channel YouTube


Andrew.PNGAndrew Quo

Is another Canadian youtuber he is currently 23 and lives in Toronto. His videos are advice, tags, adventures, stories and he has recently started vlogging. The hoodie in the picture is his merch which can also be found on District lines 🙂 Hopefully he will make a vlog channel soon. His advice videos things you should and shouldn’t do in different situations are what I think he does best they are the videos I tend to watch most just to see what their opinions/advice is. Andrew sings and sometimes puts an odd cover on YouTube of him singing. I think he’s funny some of the stories he tells you can’t help but think oh Andrew 😛  Pretty sure I found out about Joey from watching a collab with Andrew. Here are some links to Andrews social medias

YouTube Channel          Twitter         Instagram          Snapchat is andrewquo


tomTom Flynn (JustTom on YouTube)

He is an American YouTuber currently 22 and lives in Philadelphia. His videos are mainly advice and stories with some challenges and collabs as well. Like Andrew Tom has recently started vlogging. A lot of his videos are giving advice on how a guy thinks or acts in certain situations so basically what you should look out for. Think it’s through Tom that I found out about Andrew they have done a few collabs and I subscribed from there.  The two of them are good friends. Hopefully he keeps up vlogging so we can see more of his day-to-day adventures 🙂 Merch wise not sure if Tom has any yet could have some in the works may already have some not sure “if this is your first time every watching one of my videos and you don’t hate my face feel free to subscribe” is how he ends most of his videos the first time I heard that I found it way too funny 😛 Some of Toms social media links are

YouTube Channel             Twitter            Instagram        Snapchat is JustTom

So thats just 3 of the most recent youtubers I have started to watch commen trend advice videos dont know why but i watch loads of them 😛 If you don’t already know these 3 go have a look at their channels see what you think if you like their kind of videos and like them subscribe 🙂 Would like to hear if you already knew about them before this or if you didnt and have started watching and subscribed 🙂 Enjoy watching their videos well worth watching 🙂





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