Idols/”famous” people 

This ones a bit different to my other posts but it’s something I’ve always thought and just want to share my opinion. Saying my opinion because I know something like this will have a lot of different opinions and I’m open to what other people think as well this is just how I see it. It happens a lot people not respecting what their idols ask I just don’t get it never have never will. Like if your idol says please do not show up here than WHY would you deliberately go against what they asked???I can’t actually get my head around it to be honest its insanity in my mind because you say you’d do anything for them but then when they ask you to not do something you go against it 😤 they ask for space because they need it like all humans do they somethings ask for safety reasons too. Just because they are “famous” doesn’t mean they should be treated differently at the end of the day they are human they have highs and lows have days were they feel like crap and want to be alone, days when they are extremely happy and want to share it with everyone. Not everyone can be in a good mood 24/7. If your idol is having a bad day and they want space allow them the space they need. If they ask to be left alone or ask for people to talk to them rather than stick a phone in their face for a picture then respect that you wouldn’t like someone to do that to you so why do it to them? Personally id much rather speak to my idol then get a picture with them id rather talk to them and have a conversation then hand them another phone and say can I have a selfie please. I think it’s quite sad that some Treat-people-the-way.jpg“famous” people now just automatically expect a phone to be shoved in their face when someone approaches them it must get extremely frustrating. Why not just ask them how their day has been or tell them about how much you like their music, clothes what ever it is they do. I know photos are a nice memory to have but it’s not the only form of a memory, so what if people don’t believe you because you don’t have a photo with them you know yourself that you met your idol and spoke to them for how every long. The thing I have the biggest issue with is when people take stuff in the media as truth and instantly hate the “celeb” because of it I’ve said it time and time again the media 99% time will not show a positive story of certain celebs they much rather negative story’s where more people can hate on the “celeb”. Media don’t get the full story media tend to get parts of stories so please don’t go using the medias information as truth because usually it’s not fully true. I always say unless you hear it direct from the person involved  you usually can’t trust it to be true. I think people need to start being more respectful and begin to see that the “famous” lifestyle isn’t all sunshine and glamour these people also experience lows, hard times, heart breaks, loss and other negative things. We often only see the glamorize side not the normal everyday parts. Imagine having to deal with paparazzi in your face 24/7 trying to do everything they can to get a bad picture of you or to catch you out not being able to leave your own home at times because you know they are waiting outside things like this are stuff we tend to forget about. Don’t get me wrong in some ways they have so many amazing things but they also can’t do a lot without being watched or mobbed or questioned because they are “famous”. These are just some of the things I see and hear about so said why not make a post about it.
I put the words famous and celeb is quotation marks the whole way through because I don’t feel like they are correct terms to use but I couldn’t think of another to fit. This post is different to my usually posts but it’s just something I wanted to say because I’m seeing it more often lately and it sucks. Let me know what you think disagree with me half agree with me fully agree what every you think? as I said this is what I think my opinion and I know there are many other opinions on stuff like this which I am open to hearing about.



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