One Direction

One Direction songs

So as we all know it’s now 2016 and I’m still going back listening to torn in boot camp live shows and Up All Night only me doing this or do others as well? I miss them big time everyone knows that I love going back and listening to 1d-songstheir old songs to see how far they have come, to bring back memories and because I love all of their songs. Still get emotional listening to Moments, half a heart, they don’t know about us, torn and so many more still make me cry. Listening back to their songs on Xfactor at how far they have come as a group and how much they have improved vocally. Anyone else have little dance routines  for some songs that they have to do every time they hear them? or again is that just me being strange 😛 my little dance routines are done every time I hear the song they are for and I did them at all their concerts I’ve been to and I’m 99% convinced that at Take Me Home Tour Liam saw me do his dance move smiled then laughed at me from the stage this is Liam noticing me in my mind (even though he probably thinks otherwise :P) All of their songs have memories associated with them for me and I will always go back and listen to them because I want to relive some of them memories. 5 albums of amazing songs and we all know there are songs that didn’t make the albums that are out there such as magic, irresistible, just can’t let her go and I should have kissed you. Every song they did I can happily {<3 that one so much} listen to on replay for ages I assume others are the same as me 🙂 Every song they have covered I can only sign their way can’t sign it the original way because all I hear are the boys voices their harmonies and they way they sang it in my mind the best way again is it just me who does this?  Loads of good playlists on YouTube with most of their songs mixture of all albums. been listening to them to de stress lately. Love shuffling their songs and getting the mix of 2010 to 2015 and seeing the difference in solos, voices, laughs and all the rest just hearing the changes the growing up. We all started this journey with them on Xfactor as 1D SONGS 2.PNGindividuals then as a group and now as solo artists we will keep on listening to all of their music keep listening back to old songs and through it all support our boys who won the world ❤ As I always so I’m so incredibly proud of our boys and will be forever supporting them 🙂 interested to see in 2016 how many times have you gone back to fetus One Direction songs? maybe cried a little with pride, laughed at all the old times and just remembered how far they have come and how much they have achieved. Let me know if it’s just me who does all of this and hey if you think I’m crazy that’s fine I class it as dedicated 🙂 Also sorry for the lack of posts lately college work and deadlines is insane at the minute stressed 😦 will try to get back posting more regularly 🙂


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