Janoskians #AnotherFailTour Dublin

This weekend just gone was defiantly one of the most eventful but was so much fun great friends and memories made from it. For people who don’t know  The Janoskians they are a 4 piece Australian group of youtubers consisting of Beau, Daniel, Jai and Luke. This is their 4th tour and is called Another Fail Tour or AFT. Saturday just gone so the 8/10/16 they were in the Academy in Dublin to continue the tour. P1060835.JPG

The lads arrived in Dublin early Saturday morning by ferry. They had to be at the venue for around half 4 as some of the ticket packages started at 4:45 and involved meeting the lads. Doors for general admission entry was 7:30. My two friends and I had general admission and had already decides that we would chill at the back of the venue during the concert rather then queue for a good while in the hopes of possibly getting anywhere near the front of the stage. The show started at 8 with the support act called Taken preforming till about 8:30. Then at 9 the Janoskians came on stage they sang some of their songs, did some fan interactions and more fun stuff. They also put on a fun filled show 🙂 The show ended at 10. This is a sample of what the show was like this is the lads preforming Real Girls Eat Cake 🙂


The day after the concert my two friends and I weren’t in a hurry home so we wandered around Dublin in the hopes that we might possibly see any of the lads. We were lucky enough to see and chat to Luke and Jai. They chatted to us mocked our accents specifically the way we say thanks 😛 they found it extremely funny how we say it. We chatted with P1060783.JPGthem a bit got hugs and some pictures then they went for food. Later on that day we got chatting to a group of girls who were also up for the weekend for the lads. Later that day we say Jai and Luke again they remembered us from earlier 🙂 Then shortly after we saw Daniel and Lucy we chatted to them got hugs and pictures then they had to go. Later on that night we saw Beau he gave us a wave said Hi and kept going. The following day we saw them all quite often and had plenty of mini chats with them 🙂 Beau eat some of our food, asked us about college, work and bits like that. As we headed to get our buses home we spotted Jai again but didn’t want to say anything to him but he waved at us and said hi so we waved back and sais we were going home thank you for an amazing weekend ap1060816nd we would see him again next year.

We had such a good weekend meet some lovely people, went on some adventures, the show was so good and to top it all off the two days after the show we spoke to them all a good bit which was totally unexpected. If your thinking of going to one of their tour I would tell you to go because it is one of them shows where you have so much fun they interact as much as possible with everyone there and they put on such a fun show you cant help but leave smiling or laughing. They are really lovely lads and they most defiantly love Ireland the people, the food, the shops, the nightlife and the drink 😛 Where you at the show? Let me know what you thought of it what was your favourite part etc. Watch some of their videos so you can see what they are like, comment and subscribe.


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