One Direction

Niall Horan solo single This town 

Where do I begin with this one I really amn’t sure I’ll start with Niall was playing golf for team Europe having loads of fun the past few days. Snapchatting and tweeting about it. Then yesterday he tweets that he has released a solo single called This Town. No promo, no warning, no preparation for us fans nothing just released it. Personally I wasn’t sure what was going on I got such a shock, froze and had a moment of is this really happening. Went straight to iTunes to played a snipett of it and bought it straight away. Didn’t know how to img_2844feel was excited, proud and happy but at the same time I was kind of sad because it just didn’t seem right one voice. Don’t get me wrong I adore Niall always have and I’m so happy he is keeping up music and going solo but I still have 4 voices in my head. I’ll be the same when and if the other 3 release solo music I’ll be super proud but I’ll be sad because it’s just one voice. Yes people will disagree with what I’m saying but this is how I feel I still miss our 5 boys always will. I am super proud of all 5, will always support all 5 but all 5 being back together more than likely won’t happen so I need to adjust to 5 solos instead hopefully. Back to the song within 3/4 hours of it being released it was number 1 in the iTunes chart. Later on last night Niall tweeted that the song was number 1 in over 50 countries already this was only day 1 so proud ❤ I knew a solo career was on the way for Niall but didn’t expect it yet. His Twitter bio, icon and header have all been changed,

New Twitter Layout

personally struggling not seeing Liam, Louis and Harry in his header with him and not seeing part of 1D in his bio it’s going to take a lot of getting used to. Very proud of our Irish lad can’t wait to see what else he does it will take time for me to adjust to it but I can’t wait to see what he has planned. I didn’t expect him to be the first one to release new music out of the 4 lads so it’s come as a massive shock to me a good shock though 🙂 His voice has gotten even better, the video is so stripped back just him and his guitar but it’s perfect.  I think he is in shock with all the support but I don’t get why he’d be shocked he should know at this stage that no matter what he does Directioners have his back and will support him and the other lads in everything they do as a group or as soloists. I do wonder if the song is about someone in particular but if it is we will never be told. I think there is defiantly a story behind this song and that makes it even more interesting. I think whether you were a fan of 1D or not you will like this song it’s one of them song you can’t help but like, you could say I’m biased as Niall is my Niall and has been for years but I amn’t biased the song is amazing and I do think a lot of people will take an interest in it. Liam Louis and Harry all tweeted Niall about the single their tweets:




Where you prepared for this release? Do you like the song?  Have you bought it on iTunes? Really would love to hear yer views on the song and Niall going solo.


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