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Tall Trees – Forgive and forget

Exiting times if you’re a fan of Tall Trees as they have released a second original song called Forgive and Forget.The song can be found on Spotify and iTunes. img_2658There will be a music video for the song soon hopefully we don’t have to wait too long. It’s 99c to buy on iTunes or you can play it as often as you wish on Spotify by searching Tall Trees Forgive and Forget 😊 If you do buy it on iTunes let the lads know you have they will be really grateful 🙂

Wasn’t expecting this type of song but I really love it. Aaron S voice just keeps on getting better 💕 Aaron K smashing it on the drums as usual 😊 Love it love the lyrics, the vocals, the instruments everything. “I don’t wanna run I don’t wanna hide I just want to be the one by your side if your can forgive then I can forget let me see your lows let me see your highs let me be the one to be by your side if you can forgive img_2660then i can forget” the chorus of the song. Really love the way they put it together love their writing style and can’t wait for many more originals on the way. Seeing their name on iTunes is very cool  ❤ an Irish band of mates from Mayo very very proud of them and I know people will love the song.  They will have a music video for the song just don’t know when it will be released hopefully in a few weeks we will get to see one from them 🙂

Give it a listen let me know what you think? Have you listened to the lads first original song called Back Again yet? If you haven’t check that one out as well 🙂 Like their music feel free to let them know, support them if you like what you hear they are working hard on plenty more new music. Share their music with as many people as you can spread the word about the lads and let people know to look out for more music from them soon. All their social media links can be found in the Tall Trees page in the menu if you’d like to learn more about the lads and what they are up too 🙂 Hopefully some more people will get to hear their music and support them.


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