Chasing Midnnight · Tall Trees

Upcoming bands

I’m going to talk about two upcoming bands I know and support. You may already know of one or both of the bands. These are just two bands that I personally like and support who I think will do will in the future. I know there is loads of bands out there and plenty of new upcoming bands but I’m yet to find others I like so I will talk about the ones I know.

Chasing Midnight

They are a band from England. The band consists of  Dan, Chasing MidnightGreg, JJ and Heather. They upload covers regularly to YouTube and their social medias you can find links to all their social medias in the Chasing Midnight page in the menu. They have been working on original music and hopefully they will release some in the near future. Dan and Greg have been in bands prior to Chasing Midnight and have known each other for a long time. JJ was also in a band before this. I think Heather was doing performing arts before joining the band she still does perform in shows as far as I know. The band have been together since early 2015. They have done meet ups and gigs in England. They also went to Nashville in April this year were they were in a studio working away. They are always active on social media doing competitions for fans and replying regularly they love interacting with their fans on social media.

Tall Trees

IMG_2120They are a 5 piece band from Mayo (Ireland). The band is made up of Felix, Brian, Stephen, Aaron K and Aaron S. All 5 lads are good friends who have known each other a long time. The band was formed in secondary school started by Aaron S and Stephen they called themselves Everyday Solution gradually the other 3 lads joined to form what we now know as Tall Trees. The band changed their name last month from Everyday Solution (EDS) to Tall Trees (TT). Shortly after they changed their name they played in Croke Park at the All Ireland football Semi final this was their first performance as the new name. The week after they played Croke Park the lads released their debut single and music video called Back Again. Back Again can be found on Spotify, YouTube and all the lads social media sites which you can find links to in the Tall Trees page in the menu. They are hinting about more originals coming soon and they are due to do a Irish Tour consisting of Mayo, Galway. Limerick, Cork and Dublin in the near future.

As I said above all the links you need to find both bands can be found by going into the menu and clicking into either Chasing Midnight or Tall Trees. If you havent heard of either band look them up maybe listen to a song of theirs and then you can see if you like their type of music or not. Let me know what you think of them and hopefully you like either or both bands and start supporting them šŸ™‚ Let me know any upcoming bands that I might like if you can think of any šŸ™‚


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