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My First Meet and Greet

Story time 😂 Going to talk about my first meet and greet at a concert. This was back in December 2012. I’ve come a long way since this been to more meet and greets and done a lot better at them then at this first one learnt a lot from it. Let’s begin 😛


The concert was District3 and MK1 they were both bands on xfactor that year who had been eliminated in the lives shows a week or so prior to this concert. District3 have since gone their separate ways with Micky going solo,Dan and Greg have stuck together and formed a band called FrightClubTV which lasted about a year then they formed another band called Chasing Midnight with two other members. Not sure what has come of MK1. Anyways back to the concert I forced (strongly asked) a friend to come with me she agreed, was up for the adventure (thank you to her). We had


to drive 3 hours to get to the venue then queued in the rain for a while then queued even longer in the venue itself. My friend didn’t know their names didn’t know much about them just knew I liked them. The queue moved along slowly I could see most people had brought presents with them as the concert was shortly before Christmas. We didn’t bring anything for them so I felt bad. Move along to actually getting near the top of the queue at this point I was super excited to meet


them. As we got closer to the door I spotted them and got more excited. When we eventually made it into the room where the lads were I suddenly began to get nervous. My friend was telling me not to be and just chat to them like I wanted to. It came to our turn to meet the lads my friend chatted away to them even though she had no clue who they were she don’t even know their names but she happily cheated to them with no problems. The same can’t be said for


me I froze I couldn’t speak didn’t even get out a hi 😭 I felt so bad, I felt I was so rude but I was actually just in disbelief that it was actually them standing in front of us. We got a picture taken and I was going to stand beside my friend because I was still unable to speak or do anything but then somehow I managed to go stand in between two of the lads. The picture was taken then they gave us hugs and we left to go meet MK1. As we were leaving the room I was close to tears (probably did cry can’t fully remember) and got really annoyed with myself because I couldn’t speak to them. We met MK1 took a picture with them, my friend chatted to them a bit and then we entered the concert venue. It was a really good concert was worth the journey and then we had to travel another 3 hours to get home.Was so mad at

Meet and Greet photo I look horrible 😦

myself that day for not speaking, still am. Hoping they make a journey back to Ireland so I can meet them again and speak this time 😂 I’ve come along way since then don’t freeze anymore and I chat away as if we are pals anymore if I have Meet and Greet. Anyone else freeze at their first meet and greet? How was the first person/group you had meet and greet for? Interested to hear how others got on compared to my experience.




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