My Concert Essentials

Going off my last post about pre concert tips I decided Id stay on the concert idea so these are some of the things I bring with me to a concert.

My phone its a must have with me 24/7 that’s one of the firstphone emoji things I think to bring. Concert ticket because without it you don’t get in 😛 Money so I can buy food and merch if I see anything that i like in the merch stalls. Bus Ticket emojitickets to get me to and from the venue, if I am staying somewhere the night of tmoeny emojihe concert I must have my accommodation information so booking references confirmation email stuff like that. Umbrella I always bring one with me because I live in Ireland and there is always a massive chance it will lash at any stage 😦 I bring a blanket if i have a standing ticket and know I will be waiting in the queue for acamera very long time in the hope of getting up to the barrier in the standing area. I bring my camera with me so I can record songs I like best and I also tend to upload any videos I take to YouTube when I get home. Back up chargers I bring 3 would like to bring more but I only have 3 😦 and yes I use all 3 at each convert and sometimes have come back up chargerhome with no battery left on my phone 😦 I have started to bring my phone and camera chargers just in case I’m near a plug and have the chance to charge up usually on the bus.Chocolate emojiI always have a bottle of water with me and some chocolate 😛 Plasters and tissues are always handy to have with you just because you simple never know when they may be needed. I bring my headphones because 99% of the time I have to take at least 2 buses to get to any concert I want to attend and I need to be able to listen to music on the journey 🙂

Must people probably bring the same as me I think its more concert basics then anything else 😛 The more concerts I attend the more I learn more about what I should bring to the next one just in case it’s needed. Obviously some people may have other stuff they need to bring with them this is just what I need when I go 🙂 Do you bring most of this with you? Are these what you would class as your concert essentials as well?


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