Pre Concert Tips.

If your thinking about going to a concert this is some of the things you may need to think about before you go. If you haven’t been to a concert before you may not realise how much planning goes into going to one 😛 this is just some of the things I feel you need to think about before you go to a concert. Lets begin 🙂

1) How to get and pay for the tickets – Will youIMG_2307.JPG get the tickets online? Will you queue all night at a ticket master outlet, ask a friend or parent/relation to get them for you etc. Can you afford to pay for the ticket yourself? Would you ask your parents to give you the money for them? Would you say the ticket could be a birthday or Christmas present maybe? There may be a competition you could enter to win tickets enter and see it’s worth a shot 👌 once you have paid for and got your ticket you then need to think about

2) How to get to the concert – Can you drive? Would you need to get a bus maybe two buses or more? Could you get a train and a bus or just a train? Would you need someone to drive you to the venue? Drive part of the way and then get a bus or taxi? You just need to work out which is quickest and easiest way for you to get to the concert with plenty of time to spare 😊 Bare in mind if someone has to drive you up and back you will need to look into parking at or near the venue for the person.

3) Time – You need to decide what time you want to be at the venue for do you aim to be there when doors open, be there an hour before doors open, skip the support act and be in on time for the main act? Do you want to be there super early in the hopes that you might see the person/group you’re going to see? Do you want to get there 5/10 minutes before the concert is due to start? The length of time you intend to stand in a queue is something else you need to consider specially if you have general admission standing tickets you need to decide do you want to try be first in the queue to hopefully get to the barrier if that’s your aim you need to queue for hours.

Accommodation.jpg4) Accommodation – Would it be easier to stay near where the concert is the night of the concert? Would you go up the night before? Would you book a hotel or hostel or do you know of someone who you could stay with near the concert venue? Or does it just make more sense to travel up and back the day of the concert? Again you need to look into this and see what option suits you best 😊

5) Decide on an outfit – It’s tough do you wear merch if you have merch or do you wear clothes your comfortable in or do you get all glammed up dress to impress? Remember if you intend to queue for quite a long time come prepared with warm clothes or a blanket if needed. Wear an outfit you like, your comfortable wearing and one that you feel best suits you 🙂 I think if you have merch you should wear it because the artist will be like that’s cool you have some of my merch 🙂 but it’s 100% up to you if you decide you don’t want to wear merch don’t. Weat what ever you want to wear simple as 🙂 You will more than likely have multiple outfit ideas and it will take a while to find the right one 😛

6) What to bring with you – You need to think about whatsupplies.jpg  your going to need for the day obviously you need your ticket because without that you wont get in 😛 you will need money for food and stuff, your phone so you can get in contact with people if you need to, camera/iPod anything really that you can take pictures or videos with if you want to, back up chargers/power banks are always good to have. If your Irish like me it’s always handy to bring an umbrella because we all know its needed 99% of the time 😦 anything else you feel your going to need throughout the day make sure to bring it with you 🙂

All of the above are just some things you should think about before you go to a concert I know there is more you have to think about but this is the ones I could come up with. The main thing is you enjoy it 🙂 have a brilliant day sing as loud as you can, cry if you have to, laugh, smile and make amazing memories 🙂 just have an amazing time because concerts are to be enjoyed. Hopefully some of this stuff helps you prepare for a concert maybe you didn’t think about some of this stuff let me know if it helps 🙂 If you like this kind of post let me know in a comment or feel free to tweet me if you want so i can do more like this 🙂


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