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Back Again-Tall Trees debut Single

Today was the day Tall Trees debut single Back Again was released 🎉  IMG_2076.JPGBoth the boys and fans have been so excited for this day to come. At midnight the song was on Spotify. The boys took to Twitter to share their excitement about it. Some of their tweets on the right 😊  The #BackAgain and #BackAgainTTSingle were used on Twitter to share the song and give feedback.

The song – Their voices and harmonies are amazing.  Guitars can be heard throughout the song played by Aaron S,Stephen,Felix and Brian. Aaron K on drums top class as always 🙂 Really love the lyrics. The song can be got on  Spotify search Tall Trees. The song can also be found on their YouTube, Facebook and twitter go give it a listen and let them know what you think, like it and share it if you wish 🙂

The video – The lads did the video themselves came up with the concept, choose locations, recorded it and all the rest. Wouldn’t be an Irish video without a pub related scene 😛  We see the lads in different locations having the criac, playing music and having the odd drink 😛 Aaron S begins the video writing a letter and it finishes with him posting it. Who was the letter for we don’t know all we know is the letter was titled Back Again. Here is a picture from the video 🙂IMG_2120

Side note Our 5 Mayo lads play Croke Park Sunday at the All Ireland semi final Mayo v Tipperary in the senior and Galway v Donegal in the minor. They will play Back Again for the first time live in that stadium it’s pretty surreal. I know they are nervous but they will smash it like they always do 😊
So proud of the lads. This is just the beginning of their new journey and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes them 😊 They deserve every success as they work so hard and are an amazing talent. Let me know what you think of the song if you have heads it? All their links are in the Tall Trees page in the menu go like, follow subscribe and support them.


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