Everyday Solution · Tall Trees

Everyday Solution name change Tall Trees

Everyday Solution had told us they planned to change their name and Tall Trees
we would be told soon. Soon was yesterday the boys tweeted that at 6 o’clock they had one exciting news for us all. 6 o’clock arrives and the boys tweet they have decided to change their name to Tall Trees and that they are starting a fresh. Also announced that they have a single called Back Again which is being released on the 19th August 🙂 Here’s the tweet: https://twitter.com/Tall_Trees/status/762695018259832836

They have updated their twitters and Instagram names to go with the new band name. I have to change all their social media links in their page to update it.  We also got a new group photo as their header on Twitter here it is:

Exciting times ahead for the boys the single, headline, gigs and plenty more. We’re all excited to see what else they have planned and we can wait to continue this journey with them. They will probably always be EDS to us but as they said thy chapter is complete now it’s time for the new one. Let me know your thoughts like the new name, excited for the single  and everything else let me know 🙂 don’t forget to follow like and subscribe to the boys as well all their details will be in the Tall Trees page in the menu.


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