Chasing Midnnight

Chasing Midnight update

If your already a fan of Chasing Midnight you will know how they are being super active recently and are releasing a lot of short covers on Twitter for us. Each cover is a different member of multiply members covering a different song each time. The covers show each of their voices off, each cover they release is just as amazing as the one before. To hear all their covers go to their twitter @ChasingMnight their pinned tweet is always their most recent cover πŸ™‚ The most recent one is JJ signing Tears and Greg playing guitar have a listen here πŸ™‚

Along with all these covers they have been doing competitions, Skype calls, video messages, younow’s, phone calls and they regularly reply to fans. They are doing so much to give to their fans. Hoping they do meet ups soon and they have been promising original songs are on the way. We have been asking and waiting for originals for a long time we know they are working hard at making this happen. They are continuously release music of different styles for us to hear and we see how diverse they are.

They have come such a long way from when they started to now they continue to impress us and make us proud. All their social media links are in the Chasing Midnight page in the menu. Follow, like, subscribe, comment and support them πŸ™‚ Already a fan of them whats your favourite cover so far? interested to see which cover is people’s favourite πŸ™‚


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