One Direction

6 Years Of One Direction

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of One Direction being formed. 6 years since the 5 lads were brought together in boot camp to form a band. They didn’t realise what they were in for the incredible journey that they were about to go on together.

Albums.jpg        awards

6 years later lots has changed in these 6 years the journey has been filled with highs and lows. Awards, albums, tours, travel, fans, fame but also lots of negative comments, rumours and hate the boys went through so much together as a band but also as brothers. They grew together becoming each other’s support network as not many people could say they had experienced what they had. Zayn leaving was tough but the others knew he wasn’t happy anymore and they felt that his happiness was most important. A lot of people took the news badly others supported both Zayn and the other four boys. It was strange seeing them as a 4 not 5 anymore but it didn’t stop them from achieving amazing things. Zayn’s solo career has been a massive success and I know I’m super proud of him and still support him a lot o other people do to 😊.

Just the start.gif

The hiatus was a big shock to all us Directioners but the boys made a promise to us that they would be back so we have held onto that promise. A lot has changed Louis becoming a dad and being a judge on Americas got talent, Niall playing golf more setting up his own company also hearing about a solo career from him soon, Harry acting in a movie and the potential solo career that’s on the way from him, then we had Liam who took to Twitter Thursday to tell us all that he signed to CapitolUK so he’s now doing a solo career. So much has changed but the support and love Directioners have for our boys have never gone it’s never going to go we will always support our boys through every experience in their lives together or solo adventures we will be behind them through it all ❤️

Directioner.jpg6 years of our boys they have achieved so much we are so unbelievable proud of them and how far they have come. 6 years of memories good times, friends, adventures and so much more. I still think they will be back it just may not be as soon as we would like. Proud of our boys who will forever just be 5 normal lads who lost the xfactor but won the world ❤


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