Hometown move to Japan?

Where to start let’s start with if you’re not familiar with HTAlbumthe band Hometown they are a 6 piece Irish band made up of Dayl Cronin (Tipperary), Ryan McLoughlin (Kildare), Cian Morrin (Mayo), Brendan Murray (Galway), Josh Grey (Wicklow) and Dean Gibbons (Dublin). The band was put together by Louis Walsh in 2014.


JapanJapan? Hometown fans were shocked to hear Louis Walsh say on  a talk show Saturday night that there is big news regarding Hometown and it is that they may have secured themselves a massive music deal in Japan. The boys are going to have to move to Japan full-time as it’ll be easier for them to work from there as it will become their new base. There is a gap in the market in  Japan for a band like Hometown and Louis claims the boys will be a good fit to fill the gap.

Will the boys do another Irish tour before they leave? Will they do a farewell gig? Will the move be permanent? How will the boys get on away from home for so long? All these questions and so many more come to mind but the one thing we all know is that Hometown will put everything have to this opportunity and embrace it to the fullest. The work extremely hard and really love what they are doing this is such a huge opportunity for them and all their fans will support them through this journey. They will gain more support, more recognition, more fans and they will just grow even more as a band. The fans are extremely proud of them and will not stop showing them that they have their support through ever bit of the journey no matter how hard or long the journey will be.


Congrats boys on securing the record deal, everyone is excited to see what else is to come for this boys. Japan will be a brilliant adventure that will help them grow but personally and musically it will be a long journey but a worthwhile journey. Let me know what you thought of the news about Japan, were you happy , excited, nervous, proud or a mixture of everything? How to you think they will get on? Dont forget to follow, subscribe, like and share the boys social media sites all their links are in the Hometown page in the menu 🙂



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