Everyday Solution

#EDSCover Stop Crying Your Heart Out

All week we had been hearing from the boys that they were working on a cover and it would be released soon. The new cover was released last night at 7:30 and it’s a cover of Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis.

Love this cover the boys voices are amazing as per usually their harmonies the arrangement everything. The song starts with Brian playing the guitar and then Aaron S starts to sing. For the chorus the boys add harmonies. Back to Aaron S for the second verse with the boys harmonizing. The song wouldn’t be complete without an Instrumental to show off how talented the lads are :). Back to the chorus again with Aaron S singing lead and the boys adding to his vocals. The song ends with Stephen and Brian playing guitar.

It’s such a good cover its a song I didn’t expect them to do but I’m really glad they chose this song. I’ve been told it was recorded in Stephen’s house 😛 the way they produced it is cool too black and white bringing it back in time. They did a really good job of it as they always do and it already has over 9k views on their Facebook page (Everyday Solution).

Give it a listen here

Give the video a like, share with friends and subscribe to their channel for further videos 🙂 All their details are in the Everyday Solution page on my home page. Let me know what you think of it did you know the boys before this cover of is it your first time hearing them? If your new to them their defiantly worth keeping an eye on for the future go follow, love and support them anyway you can 🙂


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