One Direction

Niall Horan “fans” hate issue.

Niall Horan took to Twitter last night to speak out about the fact that for the past while a group of “fans” have been giving him hate through a group chat. Niall went on to say how they did not only target him with this hate but they also targeted his family especially his nephew Theo who is 3 years old in July. These so called “fans” don’t know Niall or any of his family. The fact they thought it was acceptable to be so rude, ignorant and mean to him and his family is a disgrace. Yes we do not know what was said but the fact Niall felt he should tweet about it makes me believe that what was said was negative, hurtful and unneeded. They the so called “fans” then took to Twitter to state they were in the right and that they were the ones being harassed they claimed they would be the ones pursuing legal action if Niall was to share their names and their numbers. People like these give fans a bad name and make the fandom look bad.

Yes we don’t know the full story and probably never will but the fact that people in this day and age think it’s acceptable to behave the way they have just shows how much of a messed up society  we live in. It doesn’t matter if your rich, famous, well known, celebrity or not, everyone is equal everyone has feelings everyone gets upset, hurt, frustrated why cause unnecessary hurt. Personally I wouldn’t  IMG_0312.JPGclass these people as “fans” as no one who supports the boys would ever do something like this. At the end of the day they are regular normal humans just like you and me. Imagine  how you would feel if someone sends you hate about your family your loved ones why would someone do that? I do not understand people like this because hate is never acceptable it’s basically a form of bulling and everyone knows bullying is wrong. The one direction fandom has of course come into action to defend Niall and show him we all love him and to ignore the hate. A lot of people are also hoping Niall takes legal action against the people involved in this to show them they can not get away with things like this. Niall himself tweeted saying there’s no need to worry about him he’s fine he’s too laid back to let it affect him he just wanted to highlight the issue as he knew it was happening to other people. As Niall said its crazy to think people get away with things like this its not acceptable and the people behind  things like this need to see that what they are doing is so negative, unnecessary and damaging. Messaging other people hate could lead to more serious issues things like this show social media in a negative light and show the more worrying side of misusing social media. Yes Niall is handling it well but if it was someone else in his shoes they may not deal with it as well as he has.

Over all I just dont understand how people get away with this and how they think its acceptable to do this kind of thing. No one should try to bring someone else down, send mean comments to them or anything like that. Just imagine you being the person your hurting how awful would you feel what would you do? I hate things like this and Niall Horan is one of my favourite people in the world so for him to be dealing with this makes me even more angry. Its not right to do that to anyone celebrity or not it doesn’t matter everyone is equal, everyone has feelings and deserves to be treated with respect.

Let me know what you think of this whats your take on what happened and what you think should happen as a result of it.


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