One Direction

Harry Styles new hairstyle

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 years you should all know who Harry Styles is if you don’t where have you been the past 6 years :O Harry is part of the band One Direction who were on xfactor UK in 2010 and become one of the worlds biggest bands of all time. Currently the band is on hiatus and the boys are doing their own little projects.

We got used to seeing Harry with long hair and plenty of man buns too like in the above pictures 🙂 It became his signature style. In an interview he was asked when he had last cut his hair and he said “to be honest I don’t remember when i last got it cut”. He didn’t plan on getting it cut any time soon the time of that interview.

Harry 2

Then to everyone’s surprise there was rumors that Harry had cut his hair about a week ago. With no picture proof from Harry himself people were curious if it was true of not. We were waiting for Harry to be pictured in public to see for sure if he had cut his hair and then a picture emerged of Harry wearing a hat showing no more long hair 😦 The picture on the right is the picture that gave us the first glimpse of short hair Harry again after us being so used to Harry with his long hair.


Harry 6The most recent picture we have seen of the new hair         style is the one on the left. The picture clearly shows that Harry completely chopped off all his lovely long hair 😦 I read somewhere that the reason behind him cutting his hair is for an upcoming movie he is in and he had to cut it for the character he is playing in the movie. Hopefully that is true Harry in a movie would be pretty cool and it would get loads of views due to his supporters.

I personal didn’t expect him to cut his hair so was super shocked when i saw these pictures but Harry looks amazing with any hairstyle lets face it he’s just a beautiful person 🙂 It’s also said that he planned to give his chopped off long hair to charity. What do you think of the new look? were you surprised he cut it? interested to see what people think 🙂



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