Chasing Midnnight

Chasing Midnight Cover of Needed Me by Rihanna

Needed Me CM.PNG

Monday evening Chasing Midnight uploaded their cover of Needed Me by Rihanna. The week leading up to this cover they had spent a lot of time in the park because of the warm weather we all assumed but when we saw the cover we realised it was in the park they recorded the cover. They video is really cool loved the location.

Let’s get to the vocals! As we know all four members have all got unique voices which all blend together really well. The song starts off with Greg signing then we hear Heather in a way that we aren’t used to hearing her she does a short rap (i consider it a rap others might not). It’s the first time I’ve heard Heather sing this style she sounded amazing good job Heather :). From there it moves to Dan to start the chorus with the rest of the band helping him out with harmonies. We then hear JJ rap (in my mind its a rap others may not agree) with harmonies for Greg and Heather. Then we go back to Greg and Heather to finish out the rest of the verse. Back to Dan for the second chorus with help from Heather at first and then Greg and JJ join. The high notes towards the end are from JJ. The final line is sang by Dan with the others backing him. This song was different to what we are used to hearing them sing in my mind but they made it their own and are showing people how musically diverse they are.

They have come such a long way as a band from where they began to now and have grown from strength to strength constantly surprising us and making us even prouder. In this video along with their other videos you see their friendships how close they are they work off one another and are always having fun together which is portrayed in their videos. This video is the same I’m going to link the video below let me know what you think? If you haven’t already look into Chasing Midnight their social media links are in the  Chasing Midnight page in the above menu. Follow, like and support them if your like what they offer 🙂

Heres the video enjoy!


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