Everyday Solution

EDSCover Lush Life

People who are up to date with current music charts will be familiar with the name Zara Larsson and her song Lush Life. Lots of people have covered the song and put their own unique take on the song and as of yesterday Everyday Solution shared their version/cover of the song.

Missing a member for this cover as Aaron K wasn’t around when they recorded the cover he was adventuring 🙂 The boys show off how good their harmonies are and as per usual Aaron S voice is superb. Their guitar skills are also displayed in this cover with Stephen and Brian playing acoustic guitars and Felix playing bass. Look at all them posters there’s thousands 😂 they recorded the cover in Brian’s room. My favourite part about this video is that you clearly see how much the lads love what they are doing the smile through out and are having a ball doing what they love they are excatly the same live at gigs they have the time of their life and love every second of it. Very proud of them and I personal love this cover so much and will have it on reply for the weekend along with their other songs and covers. I’d like to hear what you all think of the cover? Let me know after ye listen to it

Like the cover share it with friends check out the boys other covers on their YouTube whichever is linked in the Everyday Solution (EDS) page on my main menu. Don’t forget to like follow subscribe and support the boys 😊


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