Everyday Solution

Everyday Solution (EDS) Meet Up

Everyday Solution planned a fan meet up Monday just gone so Monday 2nd May in Dublin. Me and my fiend went to the meet up place early because we were afraid we would get lost because we don’t know Dublin that well 😛 when we got to the meet up place there was already a few people there we were an hour early. We new some of the people there had meet them at the last gig the boys had. More people started to arrive as it came nearer to 1 o’clock the meet up time the boys set.

They boys arrived and went to get food so walked by us all and said they would be out soon at this stage there was about 60/70 of us there. They came back out about 5mins later if even. They came say hello and them asked us to sit down and they would play some songs for us. They sang some songs they wanted to sign them asked us for requests as to what we wanted them to sign. One of my favorite covers they did is this one of Yellow ❤


They answered some questions after they sang favorite song at the minute, what colour socks they were wearing, when they planned to gig next, strangest thing a fan has done and plenty more random questions. Everyone had a great laugh at the questions and the way the boys answered them. After the questions they took some pictures and chatted with us for a good half hour or longer. They wanted a group picture with everyone that has shown up so of course we all said we would take one so they then tried to organise us 😛 here was the end result after they eventually thought we were ready for a picture 😛


After this was taken they stayed even longer taking more pictures and chatting more with us before they finally decide they really did need to go as they had to drive back to mayo. They said bye and headed for the car all of us said our goodbyes to our friends that were there then went our separate ways. Everyone had so much fun regardless of the wind and rain it was just nice spending time chatting with the lads. I’m hoping they do another one soon because we all miss them and miss the people we met the day of the meet up aswell. If you were there let me know what you thought too 🙂

lastly want to say a massive thank you to the lads for being so lovely and staying as long as they did i know they were cold tired and poor Stephens hair was getting ruined by the rain 😛  but they stayed so thank you lads we really appreciate ye spedning as much time with us as ye did ❤


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